This website is sponsored by the Williamsburg Health Foundation as part of the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative.

The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative

The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) is a multi-faceted project of the Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF).  The mission of the CBHI is to promote access to quality behavioral health services for medically-underserved children, adolescents and their families.  WHF launched the CBHI in 2007 as a community discussion group. Since then, the CBHI initiative has led to creation of the Greater Williamsburg Child Assessment Center (GWCAC), the Network of Care website, an Autism action project, and a CBHI  Provider Network.

The CBHI Provider Network

The CBHI Provider Network has been an important forum for networking and collaboration, helping members stay informed on community needs and progress in streamlining service delivery.   Current challenges reported by member agencies include increasing demand for services, continuing funding challenges, and selected gaps in community service capacity.  Amidst these challenges, member agencies are innovating to assure continuation of services and strengthen coordination and collaboration across agencies.

Capacity Building Support

In an effort to support CBHI Provider Network Members in their efforts to strengthen the system of care, WHF sponsors a program of capacity building via this website and direct technical assistance.  The current capacity building agenda includes:

  • Community needs assessment – How to use available data to develop assessments of community service needs.
  • Community impact assessment – How to assess the potential impact of a policy or program on community populations.
  • Community value assessment – How to define and communicate the community value of children’s behavioral health services.
  • Promising practice research – Research on ‘what works’ in children’s behavioral health policy, programming, and practice.
  • Collaborative innovation – Guidance and tools for engaging multiple organizations in collaborative efforts to strengthen the system of care.

These supports are provided through Community Health Solutions, a Virginia firm with a mission to equip people for excellence in health improvement.

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