In response to your feedback, we will be offering webinar training and technical assistance to help interested organizations focus and streamline data development. The overall approach will be very practical, and focused on helping you solve actual data challenges in your organization.


Webinar topics will include:

  1. How to define your data needs from a strategic perspective;
  2. How to use data to demonstrate need for your services; and
  3. How to use data to demonstrate the positive impact of your services.

 You may invite as many people from your organization as you would like to attend the webinars.Please hold the following dates and times for the first two webinars:

  • Thursday, November 15, from 4 pm to 5 pm.
  • Thursday, December 6, from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Technical Assistance

We will also be offering technical assistance between webinars to help you apply what you learn in your particular setting.  To request technical assistance, contact Community Health Solutions at 804.673.0166 or

Note: This video includes content delivered by the presenter. Participant dialogue has been edited to respect confidentiality.


  • Click here to view and download the webinar materials in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Click here to view and download the webinar materials in PDF format.



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