In partnership with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Jockey Being Family, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed a guide for pediatricians on how to support adoptive and foster families.   The purpose of this guide is to support adoptive and foster families by strengthening the abilities of pediatricians to:

  • Identify traumatized children;
  • Educate families about toxic stress and the possible biological, behavioral, and social manifestations of early childhood trauma; and
  • Empower families to respond to their child’s behavior in a manner that acknowledges past trauma but promotes the learning of new, more adaptive reactions to stress.

The guide provides:

  • An online webinar with slides;
  • A guidebook for pediatricians;
  • Coding tips for physicians;
  • A discharge and referral summary for families; and
  • A handout with guidance for parents.

Click here to access all of these resources.


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