The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recently released a Technical Brief titled Transition Care for Children with Special Health Needs  by the Effective Health Care Program.

The issue of how to provide good transition care for children with special health care needs warrants further attention. The numbers of children with special health care needs reaching adulthood are increasing, and the diversity of their clinical conditions is expanding.


The report reviews current research and interventions for transition care of children with special needs.  While the research focuses primarily on children with special health care needs, the information in the report will be of value to CBHI providers. The authors use the Got Transition  framework to organize their findings on transition care components. This framework, along with other interventions reviewed in the report, could be used for children with behavioral health needs. In addition, the authors stress that the emotional needs for children in transition should be addressed and they discuss the issue of transition for children with complex health and behavioral health needs.

Click here to read the AHRQ Technical Brief 15.


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